Deputy Chairman 集团副主席: Datin Jane Yeo 拿汀杨丽华

 Deputy Chairman 集团副主席

  • 独角兽资本控股集团 HFU Capital Group

Director 集团董事

大橙传媒超科技集团() Big Orange Super Tech Group

•Datin Jane Yeo, is the Executive Director of CP Group of Companies. She has wide experience in the fields of construction and property development. Datin Jane Yeo has undertaken several prestigious and challenging assignments before joining CP Group including the finishing works for the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and the Sogo shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur.
• Datin Jane Yeo has vast experience in the field of corporate restructuring, she has been restructured, reverse takeover an abundance project in Penang now named Queensbay, which is a total mix development value over one billion ringgits
•As the Group Executive Director, Datin Jane Yeo has been actively involved in all projects developed by CP Group and is currently still overseeing planning, operation and management of CP Group exiting businesses and developments
•In 2020, Datin Jane Yeo is appointed by VC International Club (an investment club managed by YHM Group (Shenzhen) Pte. Ltd.) as Chief Advisor and she is now actively involved in deal making for VC Club local & overseas project members. She is also the shareholder for Big Orange Super Tech Group Sdn. Bhd.
•Datin Jane Yeo,她是CP集团的执行董事。她在建筑和房地产开发领域拥有丰富的经验。 Datin Jane Yeo 在加入CP集团之前曾承担过多项享有盛誉且具有挑战性的任务,包括吉隆坡国际机场 (KLIA) 和吉隆坡Sogo购物中心的装修工程。
•Datin Jane Yeo 在企业重组领域拥有丰富的经验,她曾重组、反向收购槟城现在名为 Queensbay 的项目,该项目的总混合开发价值超过 10 亿令吉。
•作为CP集团前执行董事,Datin Jane Yeo积极参与CP集团开发的所有项目,目前仍在监督CP集团现有业务和发展的规划、运营和管理。
•2020年,Datin Jane Yeo被任命为VC International Club(由YHM Group (Shenzhen) 管理的投资俱乐部)的首席顾问。她积极参与VC Club本地和海外项目成员的交易。她也是 大橙传媒超科技(马)集团私人有限公司 Big Orange Super Tech Group 的股东之一。


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